Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery (STAR)™ Program

Sexual abuse in any form is a type of warfare. Children and adults are forever changed and the effects are far-reaching. Shame, isolation, hiding, fear, rage... hopelessness are all symptoms. Sometimes it seems better just to give up.


Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a new diagnosis that includes childhood trauma and adult trauma. Treatment has also evolved from talk therapy and medications to a more holistic approach, which includes body, energy, and spiritual work with cognitive therapy.

The Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery (STAR)™ program goes beyond contemporary traditional treatment. Using ancient healing techniques practiced for thousands of years, the STAR program helps to create a bridge between the traumatic experience of abuse and the desire to become a thriving member of the family and community.

To do this, the program addresses the whole person: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Through the program, participants experience directly the healing power of techniques used for thousands of years to effectively integrate the Wounded Spirit. They learn specific practices they can use on a daily basis, as needed.

Everyone has the opportunity to tell their story, express their nightmares, and let go of the fear and trauma.

Participation in the program will not complete the healing of survivors, but is is an excellent modality in their process.

Karen Hutchins, M.A. LPC
Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

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Scheduled Retreats

The next STAR Retreat is scheduled for Septermber 11-15, 2014 at Canyon of the Eagles resort at Lake Buchanan.
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Adult abuse often begins in childhood.

"Childhood abuse in all forms affects an individual and is life changing. Because it often begins at a young age, many survivors do not know the feeling of safety, feeling heard, or feeling their own self worth and usefulness.

"While survivors often function effectively, there are often continual symptomology that reoccurs and many survivors crash later in life, when the accumulation of life stressors becomes overwhelming.

"There has been a cultural amnesia to the extent and effects of childhood abuse and trauma. It is difficult for our culture to own the darkness and cruelty of humans to other humans.

"Our mental health system has often misdiagnosed survivors and rather than treated the underlying cause, has thrown medications at them to decrease the symptoms.

"PTSD becomes intergenerational if healing doesn't occur. The STAR program was developed as part of that healing for individuals and the community."

- Karen Hutchins, Clinical Director

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