Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery (STAR)™ Program

The Sexual Trauma and Abuse Recovery (STAR)™ program goes beyond contemporary traditional treatment. Using ancient healing techniques practiced for thousands of years, the STAR program helps to create a bridge between the traumatic experience of abuse and the desire to become a thriving member of the family and community.

As with our other retreates, the program addresses the whole person: Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Through the program, participants experience directly the healing power of techniques used for thousands of years to effectively integrate the Wounded Spirit. They learn specific practices they can use on a daily basis, as needed.

Everyone has the opportunity to tell their story and to be heard, to express their nightmares, and let go of the fear and trauma.

Participation in the program will not complete the healing of survivors, but is is an excellent modality in their process.

Karen Hutchins, M.A. LPC
Gerry Starnes, M.Ed.

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